Helping you run, walk and play

Aug 24, 2020

Whether it’s running, walking or simply playing, we all need to move. Of course, we’d all love it if the experience was pain-free. 

At Dan Everson Podiatry, we have the most experienced team on the Sunshine Coast to help you achieve your best result. 

We combine our decades of clinical experience with the latest developments in a new range of advanced orthotics designed to optimise the way you move. Not only do these orthotics help reduce functional pain, they also improve how efficiently your body moves.

In a recent pilot study at the University of the Sunshine Coast, we saw an immediate performance improvement of up to 20% in some elite athletes when they used our Sensokinetic orthotics compared to when they wore traditional orthotics. 

Sensokinetic orthotics are distinctly different from traditional orthotics and arch supports as they are tuned to your individual degree of neurosensitivity. They are the future of orthotic therapy; the result of an 8 year research and development program, supported partly by the federal government. 

Sensokinetic orthotics can help if you: 

  • are in pain after running, walking, or playing and want to move faster and more efficiently
  • suffer from poor posture or balance 
  • wear traditional orthotics or arch supports and want an upgrade