About Dan

Dan graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 1986, opening his first clinic in Maroochydore the same year.

He devotes much of his time to developing quality, evidence-based care as he enjoys relieving patients of functional pain and seeing their quality of life improve.

Dan specialises in biomechanics, specifically orthotic therapy, and has dedicated his professional life to pursuing the ability to provide consistent, reliable outcomes to patients. In order to do this, Dan developed The Kinetic Method. That is an evidence-based approach to orthotic prescription. He continues to research and refine this method, ensuring that we are able to provide our patients with the best care and remain world leaders in orthotic design.

Outside of work, Dan enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures, snow skiing and will never turn down a good game of table tennis. He can often be found bike riding and spending quality time with his three children on the weekends.  

How Dan Can Help You

“I enjoy a challenge and love helping people in my area of expertise! I do my best to provide the highest level of care possible and am motivated to find innovative healthcare solutions that help you Move Without Pain. My passion is in applied biomechanics and I have doggedly pursued my goal of providing the best possible solutions for our patients. These solutions are backed with an evidence-based, outcome-driven approach that delivers better, more consistent results than the commonly used and clearly disproved model of current orthotic practice.”

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