The hip joint is the body’s largest ‘ball and socket’ joint connecting the leg to the torso. The hip is designed to allow the body to move comfortably and easily. It is responsible for our ability to walk, run and jump and is second only to the shoulder when it comes to range of motion.

It is a remarkably strong part of the body that can bear a reasonable amount of overuse due to the covering of cartilage over the hip joint. The cartilage protects the area from friction as the bone moves in its socket. As with every body part, the hips are vulnerable to damage with age and wear. This can be caused by cartilage wearing down, and the overuse of the muscles and tendons in the hip. Hip pain is a common problem with a multitude of causes and can also be caused by problems in other parts of the body such as the knees or lower back.

Podiatry for hip pain can get to the source of your hip issues. From there we can solve the problem and relieve pain in your hip and other areas too.

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