Identifying and overcoming problems

If you have diabetes, it’s very important to see a podiatrist regularly. Your feet are the furthest appendages from your heart and spinal cord, and if there’s a problem, our qualified podiatrists can tell if something’s wrong. They can then let you know what next steps you need to take.

✓ Visual and physical checks

✓ Doppler Ultrasounds available

✓ Report sent to GP

✓ Ongoing monitoring

Diabetic foot care assessment services

Pedal pulses assessment

To assess how well the vascular system is doing, and can include more detailed ultrasound Doppler assessments on request.

Capillary refill check

To conduct important neurological pressure tests with a 10g monofilament.

Numerous visual checks

Is there callus? Any dry skin? Hair growth? What condition are the nails in?

History taking

Any pain, numbness, pins and needles? Any pain when walking?

MSK deformities check

Checking any MSK deformities, such as clawed toes and HAV.

Treatment process

As part of your diabetic foot care assessment, we’ll:

  • Go through all visual and physical checks
  • Send a report to your GP, outlining risk as being low, medium or high
  • Give you a general treatment (time permitting), then discuss any further testing required, such as Doppler assessment. In this case, we’d again send a report of findings to your GP and advise you to see your GP as soon as possible.

Caring for your feet with diabetes

If you have diabetes, there are a number of useful things to consider on a day-to-day basis:

  • Don’t walk around in bare feet as there is no support. You could step on something and harm yourself.
  • Wash and dry your feet daily.
  • Wear clean socks.
  • Check your shoes are in good order.
  • Get in the habit of putting a moisturiser on daily, NOT in between toes.

Wound healing is different for people with diabetes. The white blood cells lose their navigation capacity. Prevention is better than a cure, so follow the above steps to give yourself the best chance at living a comfortable, healthy life.

Diabetic foot care costs

We don’t charge the gap payment if you have a TCA/EPC from your GP.  Otherwise, see here for costs.

For any questions related to podiatry for diabetics, simply contact us today.

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