Discover Comfort with Sensokinetic Orthotics

Experiencing discomfort while walking or running? It's time to switch to Sensokinetic Orthotics. Unlike a traditional orthotics which can block your foot through arch support, Sensokinetic Orthotics are designed to stimulate your foot to work in its most functional and pain-free way possible. Designed using a Neurofunctional approach Sensokinetics are a proprietary design of Dan Everson Podiatry, and are exclusively available at our clinics.

Deep Dive Into Your Needs:

Your feet are unique, and so should be your orthotics. Our comprehensive testing (known as the Kinetic Method®) understands your distinct nerve responses and musculoskeletal conditions. We then prescribe orthotics to match your exact needs, bypassing outdated arch-support methods. With our Neurofunctional approach, we guarantee your feet will work in their most natural and pain-free manner.

Who Can Sensokinetic Orthotics Help?

Whether you're an athlete, a child, a senior, or recovering from an injury, our custom orthotics cater to all. With a variety of sizes - full, three-quarter, or nano - we have an orthotic solution for every shoe, from sports sneakers to high heels.

Common symptoms that Sensokinetic Orthotics can provide relief from or help with:

  • Heel Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Uneven Gait
  • Children's Feet
  • Improved Functional Performance for Athletes

Precision Design & Fitting Process:

Using our patented Kinetic method and algorithm, our local experts on the Sunshine Coast ensure the design is ideal for you. And, with two additional follow-ups, we ensure perfection and satisfaction.

Affordable and Assured Pricing:

Whether you're insured with Medicare, Bupa, HCF, HBF, or DVA, we have pricing plans tailored for everyone. With starting prices as low as $80 for consultation and $288 for a pair of orthotics, your comfort is more affordable than you think. View our pricing at the bottom of this page

Our Triple Guarantee:

Our confidence in Kinetic Orthotics is unwavering. That's why every purchase comes with:

  • Personal Cost Refund: If no improvement, you get a refund.
  • Free Prescription Change: If another prescription suits you better, it’s on us.
  • Free Alterations: Any tweaks, such as extra padding, won't cost you a dime.

Note: Our guarantees are valid for 90 days from the fitting day and subject to specific terms*.

Leaders in Podiatry

At the heart of Sensokinetic Orthotics is our Kinetic Method®. Crafted by Principal Podiatrist Dan Everson, this method is anchored in the conviction that movement is not only fundamental to our well-being but also a basic human right. For over three decades, Dan has employed this philosophy, blessing numerous individuals with the delight of pain-free movement, even when all seemed bleak. Beyond his practice, Dan shares his expertise with peers through professional training sessions and collaborates closely with athletes from the Sunshine Coast Sports Institute.

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Initial Consultation:
Biomechanical: $99
Single Orthotic: $288 ($576/pair)
3x follow-up consultations: $60 each

Initial Consultation:
$95 (Medicare rebate $58)
Biomechanical: $99
Single Orthotic: $288 ($576/pair)
3x follow-up consultations: $58 each (Medicare rebate $58)

Initial Consultation:
Biomechanical: $85.65
Orthotics (pair) : $382.90
3x follow-up consultations: $85.65

Initial consultation:
Bio mechanical: $55
Single Orthotic: $310 ($620/pair)
3x follow-up consultations: $70 each

HCF (More for feet program)
Initial consultation:
$80 (no gap payment)
Bio mechanical: $99
Single Orthotic: $238 ($476/pair)
3x follow-up consultations: $65 each

Initial consultation:
Bio mechanical: $99
Single Orthotic: $288 ($576/pair)
3x follow-up consultations: $65 each

‍*Subject to the following terms and conditions:1. Valid for 90 days, starting the day of the fitting (step 2).2. Both follow-up consultations must be completed in the specified timeline.3. Consultation, biomechanical assessment and scanning fees are non-refundable.4. By commencing treatment, you agree to these terms and conditions.
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