Latest light-based solutions

Another innovative approach we use is Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy (PACT). This involves the use of a high intensity UV light to effectively kill off bacteria, viruses and fungi on the skin surface and toenails.

✓ Eliminates bacteria and fungi

✓ High intensity UV light

✓ Safe and pain-free

✓ High quality control

Conditions treated with PACT

One of the most common conditions treated with PACT is fungal toenails  (Onychomycosis). This occurs when fungus infects the nail plate or skin under the nail plate, and is estimated to affect up to 1.6 million Australians.

How does PACT work?

For most patients, 3 PACT treatment sessions are conducted over a 10-day period. In these sessions, the treatment involves:

  • The interaction of light with a photosensitive agent and oxygen to produce an energy transfer and chemical reaction
  • This local chemical reaction induces fungal cell death without affecting surrounding tissue, making it 100% safe and pain free.

Treatment process

During the PACT treatment process, you can expect the following steps:

  • Nail debridement – the nail must be debrided as much as possible to reduce its thickness. This allows better penetration of the nail gel and light, and reduces the fungal load.
  • Gel application – the PACT nail fungus gel is applied using a cotton tip applicator, covering the whole nail above and below the nail plate, and in the nail grooves and sulci. The gel can also be rubbed into these areas if required. Prior to light application, the nail fungus gel must remain on for at least 10 minutes.
  • Light application – the PactMED LED light is placed at a distance of at least 1 cm for 9.5 minutes. During this time, the anti-glare shield is positioned over the nail to effectively penetrate it and destroy the fungal cells.

PACT costs

Regular: $120

Bupa: $100

Pensioner: $100

Extra toes: $35 per toe

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