Hi-tech tracking of your tread

If you need the way you run or walk assessed, a zebris gait analysis may be beneficial. This service is only available in our Maroochydore clinic and we are the only podiatrists to offer it on the Sunshine Coast.

✓ Data-driven assessment

✓ Specialised technology

✓ Individualised report

✓ Treatment options explained

How does zebris gait analysis work?

Under the specialised zebris treadmill, force plate measurements from 7,000 calibrated sensors are used to provide data about the pressure under your feet when walking or running. This data allows your podiatrist to get a better understanding of your foot and leg problems.

The software will also analyse your gait and give accurate measurements of your stride lengths, width and angles, among other variables. This information will help us link your foot function with problems in your legs, knees, hips and back.

Treatment process

As part of a zebris gait analysis consultation, you can expect:

  • An initial visual assessment of any foot or leg complaints
  • Configuration and operation of zebris treadmill by podiatrist
  • Time on the treadmill to effectively analyse and collect data required
  • An individual report generated for your podiatrist to analyse
  • Explanation of the report outcome and further treatment options

Zebris gait analysis costs

Costs differ depending on the level of analysis you need. If you would like a Zebris Gait assessment, then contact our Maroochydore clinic for details.

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