Netball and ankle injuries

Country Victoria is crazy about netball. Because of this, during my 12 months there, I saw more ankle injuries than I did in my entire 11 years as a podiatrist.

Why is this so?

Most of the time it is caused by the wrong type of shoe, however it can also be attributed to poor foot alignment, overuse (not training adequately for the strain on your ligaments and tendons) or even a lack of rehabilitation.

Have you ever heard someone say “I roll my ankles all the time”? This happens because they have not had enough rehabilitation to bring ankle strength, proprioception and balance back to normal.

An ankle injury needs to be assessed holistically through:

  1. Rest and recovery (sometimes surgery)
  2. Strengthening and conditioning
  3. Proprioceptive exercises

A review of your biomechanics can also help avoid subsequent injuries.

Prevention is also important.

An assessment of your foot and ankle posture, muscle testing and gait analysis combined with shoes that are right for both your feet and the activity can help greatly. Not only does this prevent injury but it will also reduce lower limb fatigue and aid you in doing the sport you love.

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