Podiatrist Approved Approaches for Rejuvenating Tired Feet at Home

Aug 16, 2023

We all know the feeling of exhausted and achy feet after a long day of work or play. What you might not realise is your feet are very pillars that bear the weight of your entire body. Neglecting your feet can manifest as discomfort in the knees or even lead to pain in the lower and upper back. Recognising, we have curated our top podiatrist-approved recommendations to alleviate the discomfort of weary feet.

1. Therapeutic Foot Soaks:

Bid adieu to foot fatigue by indulging in therapeutic soaks. Warm water, when combined with Epsom salts alleviates muscular stress because the magnesium in Epsom salts counters inflammation. Add essential oils, such as lavender or peppermint for a refreshing sensory experience.

2. Choose Ergonomic Shoes:

When buying shoes prioritise space for all toes with a small gap around; shoes should be stiff in the mid-section but bend at the toes; ideal heel gradient is 1-2cm; ensure shoes fasten securely; no "breaking in" period needed; shop when feet are swollen, and test-walk in the store. For more info read our shoe guide on footwear podiatrists dislike and why, here.

3. Roll Your Feet:

Just as with other parts of the body, your feet house muscles and connective tissue known as fascia. Over time, this tissue can suffer from strain or damage due to injuries, improper mechanics or excessive use. Roll out your feet using a sports ball or a roller to relax and restore this tissue.

4. Daily Foot Stretches:

Stretches such as calf elongations, toe flexes, and ankle rotations can enhance limberness and off cramps. Committing a few moments to this can drastically elevate daily foot comfort.

5. Cold Therapy:

If you're experiencing swollen feet cold compression can be a relieving fix. Wrap an ice pack with a soft cloth and apply it to your feet and ankles spots for intervals of 10-15 minutes.

6. Hydrate Your Foot:

Regular hydration with specialised foot creams preserves the skin's integrity. To prevent dryness and fissures, try creams based on shea butter, aloe vera, or vitamin E.

While these recommendations are ideal for at-home routine care, if you are experiencing persistent discomfort always visit a podiatrist. Your feet are invaluable assets that facilitate movement and exploration, ensuring foot wellness is integral to your overall health.

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