Back to School - protecting your child’s mobility for a healthy future

Jan 12, 2021

Feet are one of those things that are frequently overlooked. After all, they are a long way from your head - out of sight, out of mind! But did you know that the choices you make for your child now can directly affect their development and, in turn, their future? 

As we prepare for the new school year, shoe shopping is just one of the many things on parents' checklists. It is essential to select shoes that fit well and that offer enough growing room without being too big. For detailed information on how to select shoes that will aid your child's development instead of hindering it, see these two articles from kid's feet specialist, Anna: How to choose the right school shoes and Choosing the right sized shoes for your child.

If your child has feet that are difficult to find shoes for or problems with balance, coordination or posture, it’s important to consider visiting a podiatrist to ensure there isn’t potential for long-term development issues. The earlier any problems are addressed, the easier the treatment and the sooner your child will be moving in a healthy, pain-free way. 

One of the most minimally invasive forms of treatment for a variety of lower limb problems is an orthotic or arch support. At Dan Everson Podiatry, we offer a unique approach to treat posture, balance and coordination issues using our patented, clinically-proven orthotic prescription method that has evolved far beyond regular custom-made orthotics.

Contrary to popular belief, the role of footwear and any in-shoe device (orthotics, inserts, arch supports) is not to directly and forcefully prop up the arch, it is to empower and strengthen your arch by giving it space to move within its natural optimal zone. Another essential element that’s often misunderstood and overlooked is neuro-sensitivity - the degree at which your feet respond and react to a stimulus. Our orthotics are prescribed by combining both your musculoskeletal and neuro-sensitivity information to provide an orthotic that is uniquely tailored to you, both externally and internally. This means a device that even children find easy to wear for school, sport and play. More comfort = better results and fewer complaints from your children.

Mobility is an often-overlooked, essential part of growing up to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Poor alignment, poor posture and chronic pain in adulthood can often be minimised or even resolved with the proper treatment during these critical early stages of life. 

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