About Megan

Megan graduated from Ulster University Belfast in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Podiatry. She then completed a Masters in Theory of Podiatric Surgery from Queen Margaret and Glasgow Caledonian University from 2017-2020, gaining expertise in wound care, diagnostic imaging, podiatric surgery, and sports medicine. In 2020, she completed an independent prescribing course in Medicines Management at Ulster University to enhance her clinical pharmacology skills.

Outside of her clinical practice, Megan is passionate about health and wellbeing, enjoying activities such as strength training, paddle boarding, nature walks, badminton, dance, and yoga. She also values travel and new experiences, embracing a sense of adventure.

How Megan can help you

‘I enjoy spending quality time with all of my patients in clinic. I would like everyone to feel welcome, supported, listened to and cared for.’

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