About Amy

After attaining her podiatry degree in Health Science/Podiatric Medicine, Amy spent several years developing her skills before joining Dan Everson Podiatry in 2023. Her previous roles collectively encompassed all areas of podiatry - allowing her to build expertise in a variety of treatment methods – having travelled over NSW consulting with a number of satellite clinics, Aboriginal Medical Services and a local running team.

Amy has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in podiatric medicine and is passionate about delivering personalised treatments and comprehensive solutions to address a wide range of lower-limb concerns. She has a particular interest in biomechanical function, routine foot care and loves working with an array of disabilities and assisting with more complex needs. She also enjoys chronic ingrown toenail concerns and the instant relief it provides patients.

How Amy Can Help You

“I have a passion for podiatry and have worked in several different settings over the past few years. I will always work above and beyond to help you achieve optimal foot health”.

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