5 Healthy Foot Tips for Men

Jun 15, 2021

Unlike women, men are not overly concerned about the feel, smell or look of their feet. However, during Men’s Health Week, it is important to establish a good routine to get those feet in good shape. Here are five easy ways men can make their feet look and feel better.

  1. Wash your feet daily. Wash your feet with soap and water daily to prevent bacterial and tinea infections. These are common conditions that can occur especially in men who wear footwear that does not breathe sufficiently.
  2. Change your socks daily. Feet tend to sweat through the day, so it is important to change your socks at least once or twice a day to prevent excessive moisture.
  3. Dry your feet thoroughly. When finished washing your feet, ensure to dry between the toes. When applying a moisturiser avoid the areas between the toes because it can cause tissue or skin breakdown.
  4. Cut toenails properly. Do not attempt to cut the whole nail all at once and definitely don’t cut into the corners! Cut the nails straight across and try not to cut them too short. This can lead to infection or even ingrown toenails.
  5. Don’t perform your own foot surgery. Men typically take a more hands on approach to manage their own foot issues. Instead of trying to remove any excessive areas of skin, treat callouses with a pumice stone, good supportive footwear, orthotic devices or visit your podiatrist.