Designed to fit your feet

If you're experiencing pain or discomfort from walking, running or other activities, Kinetic New Functional Orthotics could be the solution. Completely customised, comfortable and effective, their design is based on a proprietary process informed by over 30 years of clinical data and developed by Dan Everson.

Completely custom made

✓ Money back guarantee*

✓ Better balance and strength

✓ More freedom, less pain

Who are orthotics for?

As these are custom orthotics, all lifestyle needs are taken into account during the prescription process. We can make orthotics for athletes (running, walking, specific sports), kids, seniors, and people with an injury or disability. 

There are three size options available:

  • Full: complete foot-length orthotic
  • Three-quarter: ¾ length orthotic  
  • Nano: a small, discreet orthotic ideal for high heels, sandals and flats with backs.

Fitting and design process

  1. The podiatrist will perform the Kinetic method (a series of clinical tests) to assess and gather data on the functionality of different areas of your lower body.
  2. The Kinetic algorithm takes this data, creates a design that is ideal for your needs, and your orthotic is manufactured locally on the Sunshine Coast.
  3. During your fitting appointment, the podiatrist will have you try the orthotic out and make adjustments as needed.
  4. Two additional follow-up appointments take place, where the podiatrist will make adjustments as necessary and make sure you’re happy with your orthotics.

Kinetic Orthotics costs

Design, fit and production of your Kinetic Orthotics start at $350, depending on your health coverage.


Initial consult: $90

Bio mechanical: $99 

Single Orthotic: $270 ($540/pair)

3x follow-up consults: $62 each

Bupa Members

Initial consult: $72

Bio mechanical: $49 

Single Orthotic: $260 ($520/pair)

3x follow-up consults: $62 each

Our Triple Guarantee

All Kinetic Orthotics issued by Dan Everson Podiatry come with a triple guarantee. We are confident that our product will make a positive impact on your quality of life and stand behind the following promises*

Personal cost refund: We will refund your personal cost of the orthotic if your condition does not improve.

Free prescription change: If your results show that you would benefit from a different prescription, we will cover the cost of the replacement orthotic.

Free alterations: Changes to your orthotic, such as additional padding, are complimentary.

*Subject to the following terms and conditions:
1. Valid for 90 days, starting the day of the fitting (step 2).
2. Both follow-up consultations must be completed in the specified timeline.
3. Consultation, biomechanical assessment and scanning fees are non-refundable.
4. By commencing treatment, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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