Sports Kinetic Orthotics®Move without Pain

Sports Kinetic Orthotics

The Dan Everson Podiatry team understands the needs of active people and athletes and works with clients to provide specialised orthotics using patent-protected technology which provides comfort, support and the right weight distribution for athletic and walking footwear. Our orthotics have been shown to be extremely effective at both avoiding and treating sporting injuries.

Our orthotics provide relief for common sports injuries like Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), Achilles Tendonitis, Shin Splints and Runner’s knee. They also help correct excessive inward rolling of the foot after landing, fallen arches and flat feet – conditions often associated with athletes.

At Dan Everson Podiatry our orthotics can be specifically designed for athletes and are far more effective than an off-the-shelf product as they are custom-made to suit your feet, the way you walk and address your specific concerns. They will also last longer, are less bulky and are made of better quality materials. They can be designed to fit in running, walking shoes, cross trainers, tennis and basketball shoes and even hiking shoes.

Our orthotics improve the function and efficiency of feet and lower limbs by redistributing excessive pressure, improving stability and reducing pain. The technology we use is based on the findings of decades of clinical research and was recently granted a patent because of the way our orthotics improve how force is transferred when our clients walk.