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Kid's Kinetic Orthotics

How Quickly Little Feet Grow

We know your child’s foot health is extremely important to you. Our podiatrists are experienced in creating custom-made orthotics using patent-protected technology specifically designed to suit your child’s feet, the way they walk and address their concerns.

We have been supporting infants, pre-schoolers, kids, teenagers and children with special needs for decades. Our experienced team provides the finest in podiatric care in a child-friendly, comfortable and relaxed environment which will ensure every visit is both calm and enjoyable.

Orthotics for children require a specialised approach to provide biomechanical support and enhance your child’s natural walking pattern. By getting on top of these movement issues early, it allows the feet to develop naturally and prevent or lessen any problems before they become an issue.

Our orthotics for children are far more effective than an off-the-shelf product as they are custom-made for your child. They will also last longer, are less bulky and are made of better quality materials.

The technology we use is based on the findings of decades of clinical research and was recently granted a patent because of the way our orthotics improve how force is transferred when a child walks.