Adult Kinetic Orthotics®Move without Pain

Adult Kinetic Orthotics

Our team is highly experienced in creating custom-made orthotics using patent-protected technology for adults to address their concerns by turning on muscles that aren’t working well and improving the way their muscles work together to help them move more freely.

Our orthotics improve the function and efficiency of feet and lower limbs by redistributing excessive pressure, improving stability and reducing pain. The technology we use is based on the findings of decades of clinical research and was recently granted a patent because of the way our orthotics improve how force is transferred when our clients walk.

We have developed this approach because we know through decades of manufacturing, design, research and podiatry experience that traditional orthotic design is counterintuitive and does not serve the best interest of patients.

Our orthotics are far more effective than an off-the-shelf product as they are custom-made to suit your feet, the way you walk and address your specific concerns. They will also last longer, are less bulky and are made of better quality materials.

Extensive clinical research has shown recording the foot contour alone is not enough to design an effective orthotic device. For this reason we combine information about the contours of your feet with information we gather through our consultation about the way you move and the type of issues you are experiencing.

This helps us create a design guaranteed to help address your concerns by turning on muscles that aren’t working well and improving the way your muscles work together to help you move more freely.