Bamboo Socks


At Dan Everson Podiatry we stock a range of bamboo socks at all our clinics as they have been very helpful for our clients. Bamboo socks are strong, wash well, retain their colour, are durable and very comfortable against the skin. They are also naturally anti-bacterial, absorbent yet breathable, environmentally friendly and thermo-regulating, meaning they are warm in winter and cool in summer.

The bamboo socks we stock are produced by the Bamboo Textiles range, an Australian company based on the Sunshine Coast.

The following style of bamboo socks are available:

Extra Thick

Extra Thick Socks

This style of socks are hugely popular because of their softness and ability to help minimise foot odour. They are also able to be pulled onto the foot in one smooth movement. They are made with 92% bamboo and 8% elastane.

Extra Thick QuickDry

Extra Thick Quick Drying Socks

These sturdy socks have the thickness of the Extra Thick Socks model, but offer half the drying time. They featuring a leading new type of polyester called ‘Coolplus’, which is mixed with bamboo fibre to retain the soft feel this range is well known for. They are made with 46% bamoo, 46% coolplus and 8% elastane.

Comfort Business

Business Comfort Socks

This style is designed for everyday business wear as it maintains its strength extremely well under moist conditions. They are anti-static and anti-bacterial like the Extra Thick Socks, only not as thick and featuring padding on the soles, toes and heels. They are made with 64% bamboo, 28% tencel and 8% elastane.

Sports Ped

Sports Ped Socks

These socks are designed to be worn with sports shoes or sneakers and are available in all standard school colours to match most school uniforms. They are made with 64% bamboo, 28% tencel and 8% elastane.

Sports Crew

Sports Crew Socks

These socks are the traditional sport sock length and shape and are made with 64% bamboo, 28% tencel and 8% elastane.

Charcoal Health

Charcoal Health Socks

This style features bamboo charcoal fibre which has been shown to absorb toxins through the soles of the feet. Its loosely fitting top is non-restrictive and suitable for people with diabetes or circulation problems.

Bowls Socks

Bowls Socks

This style of bamboo socks are designed for bowlers and feature the Bowls Australia logo necessary for bowlers to wear when competing. They are made with 46% bamboo, 20% bamboo charcoal fibre, 28% cotton and 6% elastane.